Nebraska Student Vote Sponsored by Nebraska Secretary of State
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about student Vote

Nebraska students have a great opportunity to be part of the November 2012 presidential election by participating in Nebraska Student Vote. Besides learning about civics and the election process, students will vote in a mock election for president and Nebraska congressional races.

Nebraska Student Vote is sponsored by Secretary of State John Gale. The program is part of Gale’s mission to promote civics education to advance our American democracy. The program is geared to middle schools and high schools.     


The program is designed to be flexible so teachers can decide how much time they want to devote to it. The program can be valuable to students whether it is conducted in multiple class periods or a single class period.    

Although the United States is a bastion of democracy, American voting rates are low compared with other nations. Teaching American youth how to be educated voters is a critical challenge facing teachers, parents and American society. It is hoped that students who participate in the program will be more likely to become active citizens and lifelong voters.


For more information on the program, please contact Laura Strimple at (402) 471-8408 or


We believe that educating students about civics and elections is vital to our democracy. We encourage schools to participate in Nebraska Student Vote in 2012.